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Scarification, Colleen Olle Literary Fiction

CW: miscarriage/child loss

A woman grappling with grief navigates a challenging visit with a neighbor. Read more…

We really connected to Colleen’s voice and style, and we appreciated how she explores so many nuances and perspectives of a difficult subject. She captures Kate’s conflicting emotions extremely well. Also, Janet is a phenomenal antagonist; she is the literal worst. The tension in this piece is so strong that we just had to keep reading. The ending is hard-fought and well-earned.”

— Unfortunately, Literary Magazine

Fault Zone: Reverse

Fault Zone: Reverse

“Stevie and You”
A newly sober single man squirms with physical and emotional pain during a dentist’s appointment.

Running Wild Anthology of Stories

Running Wild Anthology of Stories

A married woman undergoes an unexpected metamorphosis on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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  • horizontal panels show Sophia and Sinclair going their separate ways

Parallel Stories in Picture Books

After choosing the setting of a hay maze for Sophia and Sinclair Get Lost!, I knew that Sophia, a tireless rabbit, and her best friend, Sinclair, a thoughtful turtle, would argue  and go their separate ways. This meant that I would be telling two separate narratives. Readers would need to track each character’s journey and, hopefully, enjoy them both. In other words, I would need to use parallel stories. But how exactly would I accomplish... Read more ❯

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