Sophia and Sinclair Go on an Adventure!

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Sophia and Sinclair Go on an Adventure!

Sophia and Sinclair seek adventure! And the longer they explore, the more adventure they get. Who will they meet? Can they handle the surprises along the way? With a friend by your side, anything feels possible.

One summer morning, Sophia, a tireless rabbit, and Sinclair, a thoughtful turtle, set out to locate the tinkling music, trumpeting horns, and popping sounds drifting from the distant hill. They journey to a pasture where a pearly white horse helps them make tracks. From there, the pair discover the source of the mysterious sounds. Taking a different and not entirely rabbit-friendly way home, they encounter boisterous new neighbors moving into the forest.

Filled with charming, naturalistic illustrations, Sophia and Sinclair Go on an Adventure! shows how a friend can expand your world and turn an ordinary day into a wonderful experience.

What People Are Saying

Sophia and Sinclair are adorable characters, and their friendship and sense of adventure, curiosity, bravery, and sense of discovery is charming to follow along with. From their adventures readers can learn more about the natural world and about friendship as well.”

— Judge, 29th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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Sophia and Sinclair Go on an Adventure!
Sophia and Sinclair Go on an Adventure!
Sophia and Sinclair Go on an Adventure!

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  • horizontal panels show Sophia and Sinclair going their separate ways

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