Sophia and Sinclair Get Lost!

Children’s Picture Book

Sophia and Sinclair Get Lost!

Sophia and Sinclair wander into a strange forest. And get lost! They separate and become even more lost—and lonely. How will they find each other? How will they find their way out?

Sometimes a little distance and change of scenery can help us appreciate our differences.

Sophia, a tireless rabbit, and Sinclair, a thoughtful turtle, want to play, but their neighbors are too busy! Searching for fun, the best friends happen upon a hay maze and soon get lost. When they disagree about the right path to take, they separate and become even more lost—and lonely. Other animals try to help, but nothing works.

In this engaging autumnal adventure, best friends Sophia and Sinclair discover that their bothersome differences can help them not only overcome obstacles but also strengthen their friendship.

Filled with beautiful, naturalistic illustrations, this picture book will delight fans of A Loud Winter’s Nap, Mrs. Mole, I’m Home, and other stories featuring ensemble animal casts. Perfect for kids 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

What People Are Saying

Readers’ Favorite Five Stars

Sophia and Sinclair Get Lost! is a wonderfully delightful children’s picture book about nature and being true friends. . . This is a fun book to read that will also help your child understand responsibility, fun, and friendship.”

— Readers’ Favorite Review

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Sophia and Sinclair Get Lost!
Sophia and Sinclair Get Lost!
Sophia and Sinclair Get Lost!

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