I’m fortunate to have found out about Colleen Olle and have greatly benefited from her skills as a developmental editor. Her comments, edits, examples of writing approaches, together with her editorial letter, helped me to re-envision the possibilities for my writing project and to get myself “unstuck.” She has a warm, personable style, and I felt encouraged by her observations and suggestions. When reviewing Colleen’s written remarks, I felt as though I were having a constructive dialogue with her about my project. I was able to think about and make use of her suggestions, rather than look at them and glumly wonder how I’d get from my “before” to my “after.” Light at the end of the tunnel can happen—with the right editorial help.

Kristen Callahan

Colleen has an incredibly sharp eye for grammar, logic, flow, and typos. This set of skills gives her the ability to polish and shape a project to perfection.

I have used her services for developmental editing and copyediting for a novel and a short story. Throughout the process, she was professional and spot-on with her recommendations. Colleen is thorough and dogged; her goal is to help you achieve the best, whether it is a novel that needs plotting advice, or business content that needs to convey information flawlessly, or simply content that needs exceptional editing.

I will use Colleen’s services whenever I have a new project ready to go out into the world, because I know she will help me make it the best it can be.

Melissa McInerney, writer