I was pleasantly surprised by the level of feedback provided. I have used editing services before but never have had a developmental edit before on one of my pieces. I was not expecting to see such an attention to detail. Colleen broke down all aspects of my manuscript from the plot, subplots, characters, to motivations and conflicts. I have a lot of solid feedback and suggestions to move on to the next draft.

Chris Weilert, YA writer

I’m fortunate to have found out about Colleen Olle and have greatly benefited from her skills as a developmental editor. Her comments, edits, examples of writing approaches, together with her editorial letter, helped me to re-envision the possibilities for my writing project and to get myself “unstuck.” She has a warm, personable style, and I felt encouraged by her observations and suggestions. When reviewing Colleen’s written remarks, I felt as though I were having a constructive dialogue with her about my project. I was able to think about and make use of her suggestions, rather than look at them and glumly wonder how I’d get from my “before” to my “after.” Light at the end of the tunnel can happen—with the right editorial help.

Kristen Callahan