Welcome! Want your prose polished for publication?

You’ve revised your novel/memoir/nonfiction manuscript for the umpteenth time. Based on feedback from your writers’ group and/or from a professional developmental editor, you’ve addressed all the big picture issues through multiple drafts and feel nearly ready to send your manuscript off to an agent or publisher. But you need another thorough run-through and your exhausted eyes now overlook any errors.

I bring to your work a helpful detachment, a fresh perspective, and editorial expertise on how to refine your manuscript.

In need of a professional edit?

You’ve written a book and are eager to self-publish, yet a few chapters still feel rough and may have grammatical mistakes.

You’ve crafted an essay and want to submit it to a respected journal, but you suspect some sentences may not be entirely coherent for your readers.

I preserve your voice. Writing and editing are an art. Individual expression and style matter.

Have a draft of a novel that would benefit from a big picture assessment?

You’ve finished a novel and are happy with the premise and overall story, but you fear a couple characters feel a little flat, and somehow the middle remains more of a muddle.

You’ve shown your fiction manuscript to your writer’s group and while they like the story, they can’t keep the characters straight. The dialogue needs more pep and the point of view more consistency.

Wherever you are on your writerly journey—just embarking or well under way—I strive to smooth and/or accelerate your passage by offering kind, constructive feedback and editorial expertise.

We—the writer and editor—work together as a team to polish your prose so you can publish your best.

I collaborate with writers of all stripes—fiction and nonfiction, indie and traditional, emerging and established.

Learn more about my copyediting and developmental editing services and prepare to collaborate!